6 Tips for Travelers When Using Freminet in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Fontaine Leaks: Freminet's Vision & Weapon - IMDbSome of the best supports in Genshin Impact are of 4-star rarity, but the same can’t be said about the best DPS. So far, there’s no reliable 4-star DPS that performs as formidably as their 5-star counterpart. Therefore, when a dedicated 4-star main DPS comes into the scene, players are generally skeptical of them.

If players have been wanting Eula but don’t have her yet, they can settle with Freminet for the time being. The two characters have a similar playstyle and Freminet’s Normal Attack DMG is actually decent, but he doesn't have the massive Elemental Burst DMG that Eula has in Genshin Impact. It’s no surprise as the damage Freminet offers is meant to fall below the 5-star characters, so players will likely use him only to have fun in the open world. The following things can be kept in mind if players wish to use him more effectively as they roam throughout Teyvat.

1.Don’t Ignore Normal AttackFreminet’s playstyle revolves around the Cryo hits that appear after he casts his Elemental Skill but the damage of his Skill can only be applied by swinging his Normal Attack. Because of this, Freminet’s Normal Attack becomes the most important part of his kit and players shouldn’t ignore the Talent level of it.

The importance of Freminet’s Normal Attack is also emphasized in his C3. Prior to 4.0, Constellations only increased the level of Elemental Skill or Burst, but Freminet C3 is one of the unique ones that increases Normal Attack level by three. This means players can now reach level 14 Normal Attack with the assistance of Constellation and Childe’s Talent passive.

2.Not Knowing How Freminet's Elemental Skill WorksAfter casting Elemental Skill and dealing Cryo DMG, Freminet enters the Pers Timer state for 10s. Afterward, each hit of Freminet's Normal Attack will increase the level of this Pers Timer, allowing him to deal both Physical and Cryo DMG at the same time with his Normal Attack. Then, at the fourth swing, he's forced to use the final hit (level 4) of his Elemental Skill, dealing large Physical DMG with the assistance of fully-pressurized Pers.

The damage of the level 4 hit is the one players should aim for as it has a large multiplier, almost twice larger than the final hit of his Normal Attack sequence.

3.Not Using Freminet As A Main DPSFreminet’s Elemental Skill gives him additional damage when he uses Normal Attack, which already means that his Skill has zero sub-DPS potential. Sadly, this pattern continues with his Elemental Burst.

Freminet's Burst resets the cooldown of his Elemental Skill and activates a special state for 10s. In this state, the cooldown of his Elemental Skill is decreased by a massive 70%, and each hit of Normal Attack will increase the Pers Timer by one level, so now it only takes two hits instead of four to reach the final level. Additionally, the frost will also deal 200% of their original DMG.

This basically means that Freminet’s Elemental Skill is now stronger than before, and he has absolutely no utility in any other roles except the main DPS.

4.Forgetting Elemental ReactionsAs a DPS that deals Physical DMG, it's obvious that players would want to play Freminet with the Superconduct reaction. However, this isn't the only Elemental affliction that people want to pay attention to. Freminet's fourth and sixth Constellations grant him ATK and Crit DMG for triggering Frozen, Shatter, or Superconduct, so one of these Elemental reactions must be included in Freminet's team. However, among them, Shatter is the most noteworthy.

Not only for his C4 and C6, Freminet triggering Shatter will also activate his Ascension passive, which boosts Elemental Skill DMG by 40%. Triggering Shatter is simple for Freminet as he wields a Claymore with Blunt DMG, so as long as there's a Hydro to Freeze enemies, he should be breaking the ice on any swing of his Normal Attack.

The damage of Shattered scales with Elemental Mastery as it's considered an Elemental Reaction, but players can still enhance it by reducing the enemy's Physical RES via ability or Superconduct.

5. Neglecting Freminet's Fontaine FeaturesAs a Fontaine character, it's no surprise that Freminet is equipped with an Arkhe to aid in both combat and exploration. Similar to Lynette in Genshin Impact, Freminet's Pneuma Arkhe also exists in his Elemental Skill. This Pneuma hit will appear at the initial hit of his Elemental Skill (so upon cast), and has a 9s interval.

Other than for the Pneuma Arkhe, Freminet also greatly improves underwater exploration as he decreases Aquatic Stamina Consumption by 35%. Finally, like other units that hail from the Land of Hydro, Freminet also has the ability to dolphin-jump out of the water, allowing players to reach tricky places and get out of the water faster.

6.Torn Between Cryo And Physical DMGFreminet deals both Physical and Cryo DMG after activating his Elemental Skill, so players may be torn between a Cryo Goblet and a Physical DMG Bonus one. Fortunately, this can be easily solved by remembering that the final hit of his Elemental Skill, the one that deals the most damage, is purely Physical. So combine this fact with how Freminet is bound to deal Physical DMG with his Normal Attack, and players will come to an easy conclusion that Physical DMG is more noteworthy compared to Cryo.

However, players can also opt to play in an all-Cryo team with the assistance of Chongyun's Frostfield, in which case prioritizing Cryo over Physical would make more sense, although it will lower the level 4 DMG of fully-pressurized Pers.

Edited By Nahda Nabiilah

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