About Us

If you're looking for creative Genshin Impact merchandise, you've come to the right place.

Here is Teyvatavern, which collects products related to Genshin, including clothing, bags, decorations, household items, and so on. We are like the tavern that travelers pass by during their Teyvat tour, take a break, pick up a few exquisite props, and then start again, which is the origin of our name.

Most of our products come from official flagship stores, and we will also collect products from any officially organized or hosted offline animation exhibitions. At the same time, after selection, we will also provide you with high-quality, novel and unique fan secondary creation products.

Our vision is to provide inspiring products to every player who loves Genshin. If you have a soft spot for a character, what we can do is to let him/her "appear" in your in life, not screen.

Maybe we didn't know each other before, but the Genshin Impact let us have a common topic now. You are not only our valuable customers, but also our friends. If you have any ideas, requests, questions, or you need help, please click Contact Us directly.