Q1:Do you have a direct relationship with Mihoyo or Genshin Impact?

AWe do not have direct relationship, but our products come from miHoYo's official flagship store in China.


Q2:How the order will be processed and how long it will take to be delivered?

A:When we receive your order, you will first be notified by email and the order will be confirmed. Then we will purchase the item from flagship store and after we receive it, we will repackage it and send it to you by courier. For the estimated delivery time, you can refer to the Shipping Policy.


Q3:How to track the progress of orders?

A:All of our orders are shipped through our partner logistics providers, and all orders will have a traceable tracking number, which will be sent to you in a second email that you can view the order status on the "Order Tracking" page of our website, or on the logistics provider's order tracking page. 


Q4:Why should I choose Teyvatavern?

ABecause we are Genshin players just like you, we will often buy Genshin peripheral merchs, so we will only provide high-quality and reliable products. We attach great importance to the timeliness of orders, and will deliver orders in the most convenient and fastest way.


Q5:How are the pre-orders processed?

ASince many products in the flagship store are customized on demand, we will ship the pre-ordered product orders after the product inventory is replenished. We will notify you of the specific matters by email.


Q6: Why the price of the official items a bit higher?

A:The base price of such merchandise are usually more expensive because they are purchased directly from the official Genshin Impact store, and there are high shipping and design costs involved in their prices, as reflected here.


Q7:What is a fan's second creation merch?

AIt is some Genshin fans (not us), combined with some game elements, to make new products, including some exquisite workmanship and innovative products. Usually these merchs appear offline, so we will always pay attention to them, usually these items are more affordable.


Q8:What is the pre-sale product?

A:Some new products officially launched are usually pre-sale products, and the delivery time needs to be based on the delivery time of the official product. And because players are too enthusiastic, after the first batch of official products are sold out, the second batch will be scheduled. , so when you purchase a pre-sale product from us, we will immediately lock the product to avoid falling into the next schedule, and will tell you a specific delivery time range via email.