Genshin Impact: How to Obtain the Formula for Pure Water (Les Quatre Coups Achievement)

Genshin Impact includes a range of food items that can aid playable characters during or before fighting exceptionally tough enemies. The cuisine of the world of Teyvat has a variety of dishes that are obtained depending on each region and classified into various types. Genshin Impact has three types of dishes that Travelers can choose from, depending on the type of situation they find themselves in, namely; attack boosting dishes, recovery dishes, and adventurer’s dishes.

Presently the game contains over 270+ dishes for players to use and with the 4.1 update, the new region in Fontaine has brought players a new food item that will be beneficial to characters. Pure Water is a new attack-boosting item that players can obtain through the new quest Villains. The item can be crafted and here’s the list of ingredients needed to make Pure Water and the effects it will have on party members.


Wheat x3, Pinecones x2, Tidalga x1


Increases the party’s ATK by 320, Crit Rate by 10% and DMG taken by 20% for 30 seconds.

In addition, like most foods in the game, this item does not affect other players in co-op.

How To Trigger the Villains Quest

Villains is a new World Quest in Fontaine and the trigger can be located just southeast of the Fontaine Research Institute of Kinetic Energy Engineering Region. Players can teleport to the below waypoint located in the image and head south as per the blue marker on the map. Travelers will eventually happen upon a young girl named Blanche who is being harassed by a group of Treasure Hoarders.

Except for the lengthy dialogue, the Villains quest is fairly simple and straightforward as World Quests go. The Traveler will be helping Blanche figure out where her brother has disappeared to, along with the link between Pure Water and his colleagues. The quest sets the stage for all things Fontaine with a dash of drama, comedy, and action that will have Travelers wondering why Blanche's brother went through all this trouble.

NOTE: It’s important to keep in mind that when the quest asks players to light up a Water Volume Detection Crystal for the test, they will have to hit the crystal twice to pass it.

In addition to this, if players have difficulty in finding the last Fresh Pinecone requested by Blanche, it can be found south of the house - near the fluorescent blue pool of water. Once the quest is seen through and Blanche is reunited with her brother, players will be awarded the Les Quatre Coup Achievement and the Formula for Pure Water. The formula can be found in the Travelers inventory and like every other craftable item, it can be made at any Crafting Table in Teyvat.

Pure Water can be used in any instance as it increases the party’s ATK and Crit Rate for 30 seconds. However, since DMG taken is also increased during this time, it would be perfect to use on characters whose ultimates last for a significant amount of time such as Razor, Kaeya, Ayaka, or Diluc. This food item also comes in handy for characters who scale off ATK such as Xiao, Fischl, Tartaglia, or Yae Miko.

In addition to this, the quest will also give players an additional consumable item known as “Paimon’s ‘Food Fund’”. If consumed, players will be granted 15,000 Mora and the item will be permanently removed from the Inventory.


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