Genshin Impact: Lynette Hangout Guide

Lynette’s Hangout Event is introduced in Genshin Impact 4.5. Players will get to spend some time with Lynette and help her with choices as she’s not used to making her own decisions. The 4-star character is timid and reserved, which is why she has difficulty talking to others or making her own decisions.

The Checks & Cats Hangout Event Quest can be started upon completing Furina’s Story Quest, Animula Choragi Chapter in Genshin Impact. Upon triggering Lynette's Hangout Event, Travelers need to help her decide between two options and one of them involves a lost cat.

Ending 1 - A Roaring Success!

how to get lynette hangout event a roaring success ending in genshin impact

To obtain Lynette’s first ending, make sure to choose the following choices:

  • I think you should head back to the drinks reception…or fail the Fateometer’s check ([Fateometer] I’m not sure…Let’s leave this one to fate.).
  • [Performance] What is she talking about? Never heard of it.

To bypass this point, players have to pick a six or higher card to succeed in the performance check with Lynette’s cooperation performance bonus (+5). Using the Fateometer for the first time will automatically add the gadget to players’ inventory.

Ending 2 - A Seat In The Audience

how to get lynette hangout event a seat in the audience ending in genshin impact

Letting Gillain’s sister confess her wrongdoing will reward Travelers with the second Lynette Hangout Event in Genshin Impact ending by picking:

  • I think you should head back to the drinks reception…or fail the Fateometer’s check ([Fateometer] I’m not sure…Let’s leave this one to fate.)
  • (Wait and see how things play out.)

Ending 3 - Adventures, Investigations, And Cats

how to get lynette hangout event adventures investigations and cats ending in genshin impact

Pick the following option to get the third Lynette Hangout Event ending:

  • I think you should help Bonnie… or succeed the Fateometer’s check ([Fateometer] I’m not sure…Let’s leave this one to fate.).

NOTE: To get the Adventures, Investigations, And Cats ending, players have to successfully pull a 20-points card in the Fateometer check. If they didn’t, they must brainstorm with Lynette to earn bonus points.

If the Fateometer fails, players have to successfully brainstorm with Lynette to connect the dots and acquire all the clues’ bonuses. To get a +20 bonus points:

  1. Choose About what we found in Poisson… option.
  2. Interpret, The end of "Lefevere".
  3. Associate, The end of "Lefevere" with The pet handoff.
  4. Interpret, Initial Suspicions.
  5. Submit Conclusion, Initial Suspicions.
  6. Choose the About Bernard’s letters… option.
  7. Interpret, The lost cat, Bonnie.
  8. Interpret, The letter's purpose.
  9. Submit Conclusion, The letter's purpose.
  10. Choose There’s an unexplained part in the operations of this trafficking ring… option.
  11. Interpret, Ingredients.
  12. Submit Conclusion, Ingredients.
  13. Interpret, Bernard’s Statement and Pierre’s conflicting behavior.
  14. Associate, Does Pierre have multiple personalities? with The "accomplice" that was never met.
  15. Interpret, There’s still a third person out there.
  16. Submit Conclusion, There’s still a third person out there.
how to get all the clues bonuses 7 in genshin impact

Completing these steps will uncover the identity of the real smuggling case culprit and earn them a +20 bonus on the contemplation Fateometer check, which is equal to the required points.

Ending 4 - Save The Kitty!

how to get lynette hangout event save the kitty ending in genshin impact

Failing to properly connect the previously acquired clues and the Fateometer check will result in draining Lynette's energy, which leads to the fourth ending.

Ending 5 - "Standby Mode"

how to get lynette hangout event standby mode ending in genshin impact

To spend more time with Bonnie, put Lynette in a "Standby Mode," and acquire the Speedrun achievement, choose the following options:

  • How about… You do neither?
  • [Persuation] Well, Bonnie sure seems to like that idea!
how to get lynette hangout event standby mode ending 2 in genshin impact

Succeeding this Fateometer check requires Travelers to pull a 10+ card with no extra bonuses, so it might take a few retries.

Lynette Hangout Event Achievement & Reward

how to get lynette hangout achievements in genshin impact

Completing all possible endings for Lynette’s Hangout Event rewards players with 60 Primogems and the following Achievements in Genshin Impact:

  • Speedrun - Persuade Lynette to spend a leisurely, peaceful day with you.
  • Decks & Detectives - Have a peaceful tea party with Lynette after solving the smuggling case.
  • Indicators of Fate - Complete "Checks & Cats" and unlock all endings.


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