Should You Pull Chiori in Genshin Impact Ver4.5?

Chiori is the newest 5-star Geo Character in Genshin Impact and in this article, we’ll cover if it’s worth pulling for her or not.

Genshin Impact: Should You Pull Chiori - Is She Good?

Genshin Impact Version 4.5 just dropped and as we already expected Chiori got her banner. Chiori is the newest 5-star Geo Sword-wielding character to join the Genshin Impact roster, and honestly, she doesn’t bring that much to the table.

In this article, we’ll share our views on Chiori and what we think about pulling for her.

Is Chiori Good?

Genshin Impact Chiori Splash Art

The first question that always comes up when a new character is released is if that character is good or not.

Well in Chiori’s case, the answer would be - it depends.

While she’s not bad and her damage is also on the good end, she has a lot of factors that end up limiting her potential.

Yes, she can be good, and she can dish out good numbers for a 5-star Character, but she just falls short of being great, and considering that Neuvillette and Kazuha are getting a re-run in the second phase of Version 4.5, Chiori is just a tough sell.

Now then, let’s see what are Chiori’s pros and cons to help give you a better understanding of the character.


  • Ascends with Crit Rate.
  • Indestructible Geo construct from her Elemental Skill that has decent damage potential and medium-range.
  • Good Elemental Burst multipliers that open the doors for big numbers and Burst DPS potential.
  • DEF scaling so you finally have someone to put those pesky DEF% pieces on.


  • Limited team utility, that can only be counteracted with her C1
  • Terrible Normal ATK multipliers making her Geo Infusion that she can get from her Elemental Skill do basically nothing.
  • Limited weapon choices that lock her damage potential unless you get her Signature weapon.
  • Dolls do not snapshot.

From the above, we can see that Chiori ends up evening out on pros and cons. She can be amazing in Mono-Geo teams that have at least one more Geo character that can spawn Geo constructs to utilize her Elemental Skill’s damage to the fullest. 

However, if you do not have such a teammate then her damage will severely suffer unless you’re willing to spend more to get her C1, but let’s be honest, completely locking a character’s team utility behind their 1st constellation is something that Genshin has been doing in the recent patches and a majority of the community is fed up with it. 

So having Chiori’s team utility potential be locked behind her C1 simply leaves a bad taste in one’s mouth.

Right now Chiori just feels like a somewhat better version of Albedo, with the only plus being that her Geo construct is indestructible.

Is Chiori a Better Albedo?

Genshin Impact Chiori Banner

As already mentioned Chiori just feels like a slightly better version of Albedo. 

Yes, her Geo construct being indestructible is a great step up from Albedo’s flower, and her damage is higher, however, that is it. 

Her Geo construct’s range is smaller than Albedo’s flower, and her team options are severely limited unless you get her C1, whereas Albedo can function in many teams even at C0.

Genshin Impact Weapon Banner

Furthermore, her damage potential severely suffers unless she has her Signature weapon, and even if she doesn't have it she needs to rely on Event weapons that are impossible to get at this point in the game, leaving her best-in-slot to be a 3-star weapon.

Although she is slightly better than Albedo, if you already have him Chiori is likely to help you account more than Albedo already can.

Should you Pull for Chiori?

Genshin Impact Chiori Banner

As it stands now Chiori is honestly a tough character to recommend. She doesn’t bring anything new to the table and is yet another Geo character who simply fails to deliver. 

She has some interesting ideas tied into her kit with the ability to switch characters during her Elemental Skills, however, besides that, she is yet another off-field Geo DPS, of which there are already some.

Furthermore, with the upcoming re-run banners being two of the best characters in the game currently, and Arlecchino right around the corner in Version 4.6, it is hard to recommend using your Primos for Chiori.

Nonetheless, if you like her design, aren’t going after meta, or are maybe looking to add to your existing collection of Geo units, then yes, Chiori can fill that role.

After all, the purpose of a gacha game is to play with the characters you like, so if you do like Chiori, by all means, throw in a 10-pull or 70.

Just make sure you don’t go into any bad spending habits.

That is all for this Should you Pull session of Genshin Impact. We’ll see you next time for other characters and news regarding various games.

Edited By Georgi Vasilev

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