Genshin Impact Version 4.1 Venti Build Guide: Best Artifacts, Weapons and Team Comps

Venti chibi art where he is playing lyre in Genshin Impact

First released in version 1.1 of Genshin Impact, Venti is still the strongest grouper in the game and has returned for the 4.1 update. So, here’s the build guide for Venti, detailing the best artifacts, weapons, teams, and more.

Venti has returned to limited-banner pools once again in the second phase of v4.1 in Genshin Impact. He is one of the original Sevens and has been featured in several banners in the past three years.

When not obsessed over the most exquisite wines available in Mondstadt, Venti can be found in the tavern playing songs and making rhymes in exchange for some more rums. Venti was the first limited banner in Genshin Impact and he was absurdly strong back in those days.

Here’s all you need to know about Venti’s best build.

  1. How to play Venti in Genshin Impact
  2. Venti’s abilities in Genshin Impact explained
  3. Best weapons for Venti in Genshin Impact
  4. Best artifacts for Venti in Genshin Impact
  5. Best team and rotations for Venti in Genshin Impact

Venti drinking wine in Genshin Impact

How to play Venti in Genshin Impact

Venti in Genshin Impact is an Anemo support character that specializes in crowd control. When he works, you can literally sit behind and watch the whirly wrath of Anemo Archon at work using his Elemental Burst. 

However, there is one underlying point to Venti’s oppressingly good capabilities—enemies must be light to be pulled by his vortex. 

Since HoYoverse doesn’t usually retouch characters to nerf them, the developers instead went on to make most newer enemies in the game heavy enough that Venti’s Elemental Burst can not lift them off their feet. This has rendered the liquor lover not as effective as he used to be against newer mobs in Spiral Abyss—and bosses, like always—but you can still make him work with good positioning.  

Being an Anemo character with a major strength being crowd control, Venti’s primary playstyle involves using his Elemental Burst to group enemies and buff certain elements through Viridescent Venerer. That’s it, really.

Venti’s abilities in Genshin Impact explained

Normal Attack

Venti’s Normal Attack is useless as most of his power comes from the Elemental Burst. There is virtually no instance where you’ll use his Normal Attacks to do something meaningful and the only time you’ll find it of any use is waiting for his Skill and Burst cooldown.

For Normal Attack, do what our Mondstadt’s Archon pretends to do with Mondstadt—ignore it.

Elemental Skill – Skyward Sonnet

Venti has two Elemental Skills, one when you simply press and one when you hold the button. 

The hold one launches you on air, alongside any lightweight enemies in AoE. This variant is only useful in open-world exploration and has rare use cases in combat. 

The simple press version is of much greater importance. It has two use cases:

  • Use it to proc Viridescent Venerer buff when Elemental Burst is unavailable.
  • Generate particles for your Elemental Burst and squeeze a tiny bit of damage.

Elemental Burst – Wind’s Grand Ode

Venti’s Elemental Burst is the most important part of his kit. In his burst, Venti hurls forward a vortex from the tip of his bow, and it:

  • Sucks enemies from a certain radius.
  • Deals 20 instances of Anemo damage during the burst.
  • It can be infused with an element, and when infused, it does an additional 16 ticks of damage.

That’s a lot of damage, provided that you’ve to suck enemies to be able to use all of that to max effect. Given its importance, you’ve to make sure there is enough Energy Recharge to have the burst ready off cooldown. 

Best weapons for Venti in Genshin Impact

Elegy for the End

The Elegy for the End is Venti’s signature weapon and also his best-in-slot weapon. The Elegy provides sub-stats of Energy Recharge, which is beneficial for burst-reliant Venti. Its passive grants direct Elemental Mastery which boosts Venti’s own damage. 

The other part of the passive grants ATK and EM buffs to all party members when the wielder’s burst or skill hits the enemies four times. Although there is a cooldown of 0.2s for each hit, Venti can easily proc the passive, and since Venti is also largely a supporting character, this passive makes him even better support. 

Venti wielding The Stringless in Genshin Impact

The Stringless is the second-best in the slot for Venti, but it only purely boosts his DPS and does not provide any supporting capabilities. The sub-stat of EM will ramp up Venti’s damage, and the passive provides a direct buff to Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst. 

Favonius Warbow 

The Favonius series of weapons are those that you can slap on most support characters when you’re in doubt or have no option available. They have a sub-stat of Energy Recharge, and their passive further solves energy problems party-wide. Most support characters are burst-reliant, like Venti, so it becomes an obvious choice when no major weapons are available. 

Raven Bow

The sole reason why Raven Bow gets a mention is because it is extremely F2P-friendly since it is a three-star weapon. It has a substats of EM which works for Venti. 

The passive provides a damage bonus to enemies affected by Hydro or Pyro, which isn’t too hard to proc, you just need the said elemental character in your team. Because Venti is heavy on EM, it is always better to have characters of different elements so he can Swirl.

Other weapons options for Venti in Genshin Impact include Skyward Harp, Mouun’s Moon, and Alley Hunter. 

Best artifacts for Venti in Genshin Impact

Before we get into the specifics of the best artifacts, let’s wind off some of the particulars that are important to keep in mind. These are just some numbers or stats to keep in check with. 

  • EM is better for Venti than CRIT. It is also much easier to build, just slap EM.
    • If you use weapons that need CRIT, like Favonius, make sure to have some stats on CRIT as well. 
  • Ideally, the Energy Recharge should be between 170% and 200% or more. 
  • Because both EM and Energy Recharge are a priority, use Sands, Goblet, and Circlet accordingly.
    • The best-case scenario would be to use all three EMs, but if you’re short on ER, use one with the main ER stats. 
    • For Goblet, Anemo Damage will also give you a similar output as EM. 
  • If you’re using DPS or sub-DPS, use these:
    • ATK% Sands
    • Anemo DMG Goblet
    • CRIT Rate or DMG (whichever is less)

4pc Viridescent Venerer

  • 2-Piece Bonus: Increase Anemo DMG Bonus by +15%
  • 4-Piece Bonus:  Increases Swirl DMG by 60% and when an element is infused with Swirl, the enemy’s resistance to the said element is decreased by 60% for 10s.

Everything here is useful for Venti and his team. Anemo DMG scales identically to EM, so 2pc bonus works, and the 4pc is effectively the best you can get for Venti. Not only does it buff Venti’s own damage, but it also helps his teammates. 

VV is the go-to artifact for most Anemo supports, like Kazuha. Keep in mind that VV is best paired with characters that do (or rely on) high elemental damage. It is useless with Physical.

When using VV, apply the element you want to reduce the resistance of and then use either Venti’s skill or burst to swirl and proc the resistance shred. 

4pc Emblem of Severed Fate

  • 2-Piece Bonus: Increases Energy Recharge by +15%
  • 4-Piece Bonus:  Increase Elemental Burst DMG by 25% of Energy Recharge, max up to 75% DMG bonus 

This is Venti’s second-best in a slot that only boosts his damage. Earlier this wasn’t as good as VV in Venti’s team. With the introduction of Faruzan, Emblem is a viable alternative and can be used on Venti as a damage dealer, provided that the enemies can be sucked by his burst. 

Other options for Venti include:

  • For EM builds
    • 4pc Glided Dreams
    • 4pc Instructor. 
    • Pairing 2pc of Instructor and other EM sets. 
  • For DPS
    • Pairing 2pc Viridescent Venerer with ATK% providing sets. 

Best team and rotations for Venti in Genshin Impact

The best team for Venti since his release in Genshin Impact is Morgana (Venti, Ganyu, Diona, and Mona), and is still strong on content where enemies can be grouped by his burst. The team works best when Venti has a four-piece Viridescent Venerer. 

Here’s the full breakdown of Venti’s best team in Genshin Impact:

  • Best Team: Venti — Ganyu — Diona — Mona
    • Rotation:
      • Diona Elemental Skill
      • Ganyu Elemental Skill 
      • Ganyu Elemental Burst
      • Venti Elemental Skill
      • Venti Elemental Burst
      • Mona Elemental Skill
      • Mona Elemental Burst
      • Ganyu Charged Attack 
      • Repeat. 
  • Alternatives: Shenhe or Kaeya for Diona and Kokomi or Xingqiu for Mona.

Other teams: 

  • Venti — Fischl — Xingqiu — Zhongli
    • Alternatives: Raiden or Yae for Fischl, Kokomi or Yelan for Xingqiu, and any offensive option if you don’t need Zhongli. 

You can also pair Venti and Kazuha and go mono-element for the other two slots. Potential teams that work: 

  • Venti — Kazuha — Same Element  Same Element
    • Venti — Kazuha — Raiden — Yae 
    • Venti — Kazuha — Bennett — Klee
    • Venti — Kazuha — Xingqiu — Yelan
  • Venti — Kazuha — Bennet — Faruzan
    • This is, sort of, Venti’s main or sub-DPS team. Venti and Kazuha are the main damage dealers while Faruzan and Bennet will buff them. There are better teams, but why not?

When Venti works, you don’t have to worry too much about teams. You may as well play a full archon team: Venti, Raiden, Zhongli, and Nahida, and you’ll still be able to clear Spiral Abyss. But the enemies have to be sucked into his burst. Otherwise, it is a bit of work to make Venti strong. 

Edited By Aakash Regmi

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