Genshin Impact 4.4 Upcoming Character Gaming Abilities Explained

Gaming abilities explained (Image via HoYoverse)

Gaming is an upcoming playable character who will be released in the Genshin Impact 4.4 update. He is a 4-star Pyro unit that uses a Claymore as his weapon. Gaming has a pretty interesting and unique playstyle, just like his name. He is expected to be a Plunging Attack DMG DPS character, a pretty rare play style in the game. In addition, he has self-healing abilities to increase his survivability on the field.

Genshin Impact players can find more about Gaming's abilities in this article.

Genshin Impact: Gaming abilities explained

Normal, Charged, and Plunging Attacks

Gaming's Normal Attack is a simple four-hit combo. Meanwhile, his Charged and Plunging Attacks are the same as most other Claymore users in Genshin Impact.

Elemental Skill

Upon casting his Elemental Skill, Bestial Ascent, Gaming pounces forward using the Wushou arts towards the enemy and leaps high into the air to perform the Plunging Attack: Charmed Cloudstrider, dealing Pyro DMG. The attack cannot be overridden with another Element and is significantly more powerful than the regular Plunging Attacks.

After performing the Charmed Cloudstrider, Gaming will also lose 15% of his Max HP, but his HP won't go below 10% by this method.

Elemental Burst

When he uses his Elemental Burst, Suanni's Gilded Dance, Gaming enters the Wushou Stance, which briefly applies Pyro to him and recovers 30% of his Max HP. He also summons a companion called the Suanni Man Chai, who smashes into the enemy, dealing AoE Pyro DMG before returning to Gaming and leaving the field.

This will also reset the cooldown for Gaming's Elemental Skill. Additionally, if he uses the Plunging Attack: Charmed Cloudstrider or performs the pouncing attack from his Skill with over 50% HP while his Burst is active, he can summon the Suanni Man Chai again on the field. It should be noted that only one Man Chai can be summoned at a time.

Gaming's passive talents

Gaming's first passive ability is called Dance of Amity. Thanks to this skill, he recovers 6% of his HP one second after he hits an enemy with his Plunging Attack: Charmed Cloudstried from his Elemental Skill, Bestial Ascent. Gaming's second passive is called Air of Prosperity, and upon using it, he will receive a 20% Incoming Healing Bonus if his HP is less than 50%.

However, if Gaming's HP is 50% or more, Plunging Attack: Charmed Cloudstride will deal 20% more DMG. His kit is designed to increase his survivability without relying on other healers. Gaming's third passive increases his party's movement speed by 10% during the day (6:00 - 18:00), but this effect will not apply inside Domains and Spiral Abyss.

Gaming will be released in the Genshin Impact 4.4 update on January 31, 2024, or February 21, 2024, depending on the phase.

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