Genshin Impact 5 Best Characters To Use Vortex Vanquisher

Thoughts on Vortex Vanquisher compared to other 4 stars? :  r/GenshinImpactTipsVortex Vanquisher is a 5-star event-limited Polearm in Genshin Impact. It is technically Zhongli's signature weapon and features on banners whenever he gets a rerun. While this item might be not the best Polearm, it is not as bad as some might think. Vortex Vanquisher provides a ton of ATK and increases the shield strength by a good amount through both its stats and passive.

Depending on the character and team, this 5-star limited Polearm can be a really good weapon. This article will showcase five units in Genshin Impact that can effectively use the Vortex Vanquisher.

Genshin Impact: Five best characters that can use Vortex Vanquisher

1) Zhongli

Vortex Vanquisher is Zhongli's signature weapon (Image via HoYoverse)

The first name on this list is Zhongli, which shouldn't surprise anyone since the Vortex Vanquisher is his signature weapon. This 5-star Polearm can increase his shield's strength by 20% and also provide a ton of ATK, which can be good for him since both of his abilities scale from this stat. Thus, this item can be a decent option for the Geo Archon as a Physical DPS unit.

The Vortex Vanquisher won't be as effective as other 5-star options in Genshin Impact when used by Zhongli, such as Staff of Homa, though. This is because he benefits more from HP despite scaling off ATK thanks to his passive. However, the polearm is a viable option for him, nonetheless.

2) Shenhe

Shenhe can benefit from Vortex Vanquisher's ATK stats (Image via HoYoverse)

The Vortex Vanquisher is an excellent option for Shenhe if Genhsin Impact players do not have Calamity Queller, which is her signature weapon. All she needs to do well in combat is ATK since her buffs scale off her total ATK. For that reason, the Vortex Vanquisher makes a really good weapon for Shenhe, providing so much ATK to her via both its stats and passive.

That sad, the shield buff from this weapon's passive may not always be effective since Shenhe is mostly used as an off-field Cryo support.

3) Xiao

Vortex Vanquisher is good for Xiao if used with a shielder (Image via HoYoverse)

Xiao is an amazing Anemo DPS unit in Genshin Impact and the Vortex Vanquisher can be one of his best weapons depending on his team comps. Since the 5-star Polearm provides a ton of ATK, it is really good for the Adepti from Liyue.

If travelers can build a good amount of CRIT Rate on Xiao and pair him up with Zhongli, the Vortex Vanquisher can even outperform the Primordial Jade Winged-Spear.

4) Yun Jin

Yun Jin can be played as a Physical DPS unit (Image via HoYoverse)

Yun Jin is more popularly used as a support for Normal-Attack-main DPS units like Yoimiya. Its ATK stats can help her deal more Physical DMG to enemies, and the passive effect will increase her shield.

That said, this opera singer from Liyue can also be played as a Physical main DPS character in Genshin Impact. However, it should be noted that the polearm is not part of her best build; players can use it just for fun.

5) Raiden Shogun

Pair Raiden Shogun with a shield to utilize the weapon's passive (Image via HoYoverse)

The Vortex Vanquisher is also a nice option for Raiden Shogun. However, she cannot fully utilize its passive effects without a shielder. Therefore, pairing her up with someone like Zhongli is necessary to trigger its passive effects. In any case, the 5-star Polearm can increase the Electro Archon's ATK by a huge amount.

This also allows Genshin Impact players to build more Energy Recharge on her artifacts, which increases her Electro DMG bonus and damage output.

Edited by Soumyadyuti Ghosh

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