Genshin Impact: All 27 Viewpoint Locations in Liyue (Including Chasm Mines)

Genshin Impact players hoping to find all Viewpoints in Liyue will be kept busy, as there are 27 of them scattered around the map.

In Genshin Impact, the City of Contracts, also known as Liyue, lies south-west from the City of Mondstat. As a significantly larger region, Liyue is almost double the size in terms of environment and exploration from when players first started the game. This includes the number of Viewpoints in the area as well.

In addition to this, Genshin Impact also released a new region known as the Chasm Mines. Together with the surface and underground area, the total number of Viewpoints in Liyue come to 27 presently. These Viewpoints can be found in the Geography Archive behind Paimon’s menu and players can access it to look back on the various landscapes of the continent of Teyvat.

Liyue Viewpoint No. 1: Chihu Rock

Chihu Rock Viewpoint Genshin Impact

Players can find this Viewpoint smack-dab in the middle of Liyue Harbour, right below the Blacksmith’s shop.

Liyue Viewpoint No. 2: Feiyun Slope

Feiyun Slope Viewpoint Genshin Impact

This Viewpoint is located in the center of the Harbor just outside the lower part of the city.

Liyue Viewpoint No. 3: Yujing Terrace

Yujing Terrace Viewpoint Genshin Impact

There is a slight chance that players might miss out on this Viewpoint, as it is located on the roof of Bubu Pharmacy.

Liyue Viewpoint No. 4: Where Merchants Flock and All Ships Dock

Where Merchants Flock and All Ships Dock Viewpoint Genshin Impact

This Viewpoint can be found near the teleport waypoint at the northern road that leads to Liyue Harbour. Players can find it on a cliff that overlooks the city.

Liyue Viewpoint No. 5: A Drop in the Ocean

A Drop in the Ocean Viewpoint Genshin Impact Genshin Impact

After interacting with the fourth Viewpoint, players can teleport to the nearest eastern waypoint and keep heading in the same direction until they reach the end of a cliff. Travelers will have to fly down to the lower rock on the right side to locate the Viewpoint. It can be found overlooking the Guyun Stone Forest.

Liyue Viewpoint No. 6: Ruins of Guili

Ruins of Guili Viewpoint Genshin Impact

This Viewpoint is located on a small cliff overlooking the circular pool at the Guili Plains.

Liyue Viewpoint No. 7: Vigilant Guardian’s Vantage Point

Vigilant Guardian's Vantage Point Viewpoint Genshin Impact

Located at Dihua Marsh, this Viewpoint can be found on a stone bridge south of the entrance to Wangshu Inn.

Liyue Viewpoint No. 8: Marsh of Rustling Reeds

Marsh of Rustling Reeds Viewpoint Genshin Impact

Travelers can find this Viewpoint situated atop a rock by the shores of Stone Gate. Simply teleporting to the waypoint and heading south will then players be able to see it.

Liyue Viewpoint No. 9: A Home in the Hills

A Home in the Hills Viewpoint Genshin Impact

Travelers can teleport to the northernmost waypoint at Qingce Village and find the Viewpoint on a wooden bridge. 

Liyue Viewpoint No. 10: Moonlit Tree

Moonlit Tree Viewpoint Genshin Impact

Players have a choice of either teleporting to the waypoint on top of Mt. Hulao or the Statue of Seven Qingyun Peak to reach this Viewpoint. It will be located across the river from the giant golden tree.

Liyue Viewpoint No. 11: Mist-Veiled Stone Forest

Mist-Veiled Stone Forest Viewpoint Genshin Impact

This one is by the teleport point on top of Qingyun Peak.

Liyue Viewpoint No. 12: Where Mountains Peak Beyond The Clouds

Where Mountains Peak Beyond the Clouds Viewpoint Genshin Impact

This Viewpoint can be found west of the Jueyen Karst domain and will be found on a cliff overlooking it.

Liyue Viewpoint No. 13: Nine Pillars of Peace

Nine Pillars of Peace Viewpoint Genshin Impact

Players can locate this Viewpoint at the eastern end of Cuijue Slope, in the Valley where the nine pillars reside.

Liyue Viewpoint No. 14: Weeping Garden

Weeping Garden Viewpoint Genshin Impact

This Viewpoint is on a broken tree stump right beside the teleport waypoint at Luhua Pool.

Liyue Viewpoint No. 15: Dunyu Ruins

Dunyu Ruins Viewpoint Genshin Impact

Teleport to the Statue of Seven at Dunyu Ruin and head west towards the cliff on the other side. Just north of Lingju Pass will players notice the Viewpoint.

Liyue Viewpoint No. 16: Beyond the Chasm

Beyond the Chasm Viewpoint Genshin Impact

This Viewpoint will be facing the Chasm Mines and can be found close to the road near Qingxu Pool.

Liyue Viewpoint No. 17: Qingxu’s Forsaken Tower

Qingxu's Forsaken Tower Viewpoint Genshin Impact

By teleporting to the southernmost waypoint, players can head straight down and find the Viewpoint on a cliff.

Liyue Viewpoint No. 18: View From The Chasm’s Surface

View from The Chasm's Surface Viewpoint Genshin Impact

At the entrance where players are first introduced to the Chasm, the Viewpoint can be found just past the guards when players open the first waypoint into the Chasm Mines.

Liyue Viewpoint No. 19: Mouth of the Great Mine

Mouth of the Great Mine Viewpoint Genshin Impact

This Viewpoint is located on a rock southeast of the Chasm’s Maw. It overlooks the entrance to the Chasm’s Underground Mines.

Liyue Viewpoint No. 20: The Ancient Battlefield of Fuao Vale

The Ancient Battlefield of Fuao Vale Viewpoint Genshin Impact

This last Viewpoint is located on a cliff just south of Fuao Vale. If players teleport to the waypoint in the area, they can head northeast and find the Viewpoint.

In addition to the Chasm Mines Surface Viewpoints, Liyue also has 7 Viewpoints in the Underground Mines. Players need to keep in mind that some Viewpoints may be blocked by certain World Quests and Adventure Ranks when it comes to the lower sections of the Mines.

Chasm Underground Viewpoint No. 1: The Underground Mines

The Underground Mines Viewpoint Genshin Impact

This Viewpoint is located on a wooden structure just south of the waypoint at the Ad-Hoc Main Tunnel.

Chasm Underground Viewpoint No. 2: The Blocked Path

The Blocked Path Viewpoint Genshin Impact

Players can teleport to the waypoint at the Chasm Main Mining Area, and the Viewpoint can be easily spotted in the center of the area.

Chasm Underground Viewpoint No. 3: Underground Waterway

Underground Waterway Viewpoint Genshin Impact

Players should take note that this area is quest-locked, thus, once they start the quest and reach the Underground Waterway, they will be able to find the Viewpoint right at the entrance.

Chasm Underground Viewpoint No. 4: The Inverted City

The Inverted City Viewpoint Genshin Impact

This Viewpoint can be found right next to the waypoint at the Nameless Ruins.

Chasm Underground Viewpoint No. 5: Crystal Fragment

Crystal Fragment Viewpoint Genshin Impact

Located next to the northernmost waypoint at Stony Halls, if players simply teleport there and head west, they will be able to spot it.

Chasm Underground Viewpoint No. 6: The Great Mushroom’s Place

The Great Mushroom's Place Viewpoint Genshin Impact

This Viewpoint is located south of the Glowing Narrows and right in front of the giant glowing mushroom.

Chasm Underground Viewpoint No. 7: The Court of Pillars

The Court of Pillars Viewpoint Genshin Impact

Speculated to be either the gateway to the Abyss or Khaenri’ah, this last location is in the cavern where the floating pillar resides. It is at the entrance of the deepest part of the cavern and can easily be spotted.

Players can always refer to the Geography tab in the Archive menu once finished and double-check for any spots they might have missed out on. The location will be blacked out if the player has not obtained the Viewpoint.


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