Genshin Impact Arkhe System: Pneuma and Ousia Guide

Aside from the new bosses and enemies you can satiate your hunger for battle with, Fontaine also introduces the Arkhe system—a new combat and exploration mechanic that spices up the Genshin Impact experience. In this article, we’ll examine everything about this new feature to help you use it more optimally in your adventures.

What is the Arkhe System?

The Arkhe is an energy system Fontainians use to power the Clockwork Meka. Travellers can harness its two opposing properties, the Pneuma and the Ousia, to interact with the mechanisms and monsters in Fontaine. These properties are contained in Fontaine’s life forms and its air, earth, and waters in the form of Pneumosia Blocks. 

Genshin Impact Pneumosia Block

Upon collision, Pneuma and Ousia energies produce a strong burst of energy called an Annihilation Effect, which overloads specific mechanisms. Travellers can use this effect to disable the defences of Clockwork Meka and gain the upper hand in battle. 

Uses of Pneuma and Ousia

To use them properly, we must first differentiate the two. Pneuma-aligned life-forms and mechanisms can be distinguished by a faint white and yellow glow while the Ousia-aligned ones emit an ominous navy blue aura. Travellers must inflict attacks imbued with the opposite energy to create an Annihilation Effect and disable the mechanisms.

Genshin Impact Clockwork Meka

An Ousia-aligned Clockwork Meka. Notice the two glowing gears on its head? This means we need to inflict two Pneuma-aligned attacks to weaken its defences.

Pneuma and Ousia-aligned attacks can be done by activating Pneumosia Blocks in the overworld. It can also be done with Fontainian characters as they have an innate Arkhe alignment. As of this writing, there are three characters with this natural alignment: Lyney (Pneuma), Lynette (Ousia), and Hydro Traveller (Pneuma)

When exploring Fontaine, Travellers will encounter puzzles involving these torch-like mechanisms called Pneumosia Relays. Use the opposite energy to put them in a Balanced State to solve the puzzle and unlock rewards.

Genshin Impact Pneumosia Relay Balanced State

Edited By Alfonso Vidal
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