Genshin Impact: Court of Fontaine Underground Teleport Waypoint Unlock Guide

Court of Fontaine: Fleuve Cendre teleport waypoint (Image via HoYoverse)

Genshin Impact players can find several underground areas in the new 4.0 Fontaine map. While reaching most of these locations is fairly simple, there is one area in particular known as Fleuve Cendre, which is located in the underground tunnels of the Court of Fontaine. This location was also teased in Genshin Impact 3.8 Special Program livestream, when the officials introduced the Melusine of Fontaine.

Although you can see Fleuve Cendre on the in-game map, thanks to the new multilayer map feature, finding a way to this location can be slightly confusing. This Genshin Impact article will guide you on how to reach the underground tunnels of the Court of Fontaine and also unlock its teleport waypoint.

Genshin Impact Court of Fontaine: Fleuve Cendre teleport waypoint guide

The passage to Fleuve Cendre is located next to Cafe Lucerne (Image via HoYoverse)

There are two ways to get to the underground tunnel in the Court of Fontaine. First, open your Genshin Impact map and teleport to the waypoint that is marked in the image above. Then turn slightly towards your right and glide towards Cafe Lucerne. As you come down, you will find a ramp on the left side of the cafe that leads to a huge door. It will open automatically as you approach it, so there is no need to worry about finding a key.

Next, you will find a long tunnel that leads all the way down to the underground slums of the Court of Fontaine, which is also known as the Fleuve Cendre. Once you're there, follow the flow of the river and pass through the big iron circular construction. You will be able to spot the teleport waypoint as soon as you get to the other side of the iron structure. Unlock it and get free five Primogems.

Teleport near the guild and follow this path (Image via HoYoverse)

Another way to get to Fleuve Cendre is to teleport to the waypoint near the Adventurer's Guild in the Court of Fontaine. Turn to your right and go down the stairs and make the first left turn, as shown in the image above. You will pass a couple of shops on the way and find another set of stairs. As you come down, you will see a ramp on the right side that leads to a door, similar to the one mentioned in the previous route.

Behind the door, there is a tunnel that leads to the underground sewers of Fontaine. Follow the map to reach the teleport waypoint and unlock it. While you are here, you can also find several interactable items, including some hidden chests.

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