Genshin Impact: Strange Part Locations (How To Use Them)

Strange Part in Genshin Impact is required for fixing Seymour and to buy items from Xana in the Merusea Village.

Melusine is a race in Genshin Impact that players can meet all over Fontaine. Many of them work around the city areas like the Court of Fontaine and the Opera, while some others can be found in the Merusea Village.

The Melusine sees things as precious that normal people wouldn’t, like how the core of their life is something called a Token, and they would trade items for a currency called Strange Part. If players are wondering about the purpose behind these bolt-like items and the complete list of sources, here’s everything players need to know about how to get Strange Part in Genshin Impact and how to use them.

How To Get Strange Part In Genshin Impact

strange Part from serene Genshin Impact

Players can get Strange Parts in Genshin Impact through the following sources:

  1. Talk to Serene after the prompt to fix Seymour appears in A Brush of Seafoam and Crimson quest appears. The Melusine is located southeast of Mamere’s house.
  2. Open specific Chests in Elynas (detailed below)
  3. Complete the “Hey, this isn’t Pumpkin Soup…” quest
  4. Complete The Lone Phantom Sail quest in Genshin Impact
  5. Complete the Book of Esoteric Revelations quest
  6. Complete the Strange Stone Chronicle quest
  7. Complete The Three Primary Colors of the Solar Corona quest
  8. Complete the Echoes of the Ancient World quest
  9. Complete the Were It So Easy quest
  10. Complete Fishing Game quest
  11. Talk to Serene after completing Mamere’s A Brush of Seafoam and Crimson quest to get four Strange Parts

Other than through Melusine quests, Strange Parts can also be collected from some Genshin Impact Chests like:

strange Part book of revelation Genshin Impact

While doing the Book of Esoteric Revelations quest, head northeast deeper into the cave and open the Common Chest there.

strange Part a lonely place miraculous hydrograna

In "A Lonely Place", solve a Miraculous Hydrograna puzzle near a shipwreck to spawn an Exquisite Chest.

mamere house dive strange Part Genshin Impact

Dive into the water north of Mamere’s house; use the Conch to Investigate sparkling spots and beat the enemy in Genshin Impact. This will unlock an Exquisite Chest that contains one Strange Part.

How To Use Strange Part In Genshin Impact

strange Part shop xana Genshin Impact

Other than for Seymour in Mamere’s A Brush of Seafoam and Crimson quest in Genshin Impact, players can also use Strange Parts to buy some items from Xana.

Here’s everything Xana sells and their Strange Part costs:


Required Strange Part


Beryl Conch x10



Romaritime Flower x10



Transoceanic Pearl x10



Meshing Gear x10



Rift Core x10



Guide to Equity x2



Enigmatic Page (XIII)



 Among the available items, Enigmatic Page (XIII) is certainly the most important as it's required to complete Canotila's Book of Revealing, which unveils juicy lore about Fontaine and Elynas.


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