Genshin Impact Version 4.4 : Best Team Compositions For Yae Miko

Shortly after her release, Yae Miko quickly proved her worth in Genshin Impact. Her personality shines through her Story Quest, showing how sassy and mysterious she can be.

In combat, Electro has been the most underwhelming Element in Genshin Impact for the longest time until Dendro saved it. The Head Shrine Maiden can be a valuable Sub-DPS if players include her in the right team composition. She can support other characters in inflicting damage and has an outstanding Electro application. All these abilities give Yae Miko the ability to easily work with other characters.

Yae Miko was certainly one of the most anticipated characters in Genshin Impact before her release. After her debut, she had a rocky time fitting into the Meta since it was already loaded with amazing DPS characters. Today, Yae Miko sits in a very comfortable place as an Electro Sub-DPS that works perfectly in Quicken and Bloom teams in Genshin Impact. With all the recent changes and updates, this article will be restructured to create team comps that work with Yae Miko in Genshin Impact.

4. Yae Miko + C6 Sara + Raiden Shogun + Kazuha

Genshin Impact Version 4.4 Best Team Compositions For Yae Miko

This is a quick rotation team that relies on applying all of its characters’ Elemental Skills and Bursts during every rotation. Raiden massively helps make this possible because of her ability to grant her team a massive amount of energy. She can also work with Yae Miko who will rely on her Elemental Bursts for damage in this team. Raiden and Miko can be a strong rotation with Miko taking more field time. Raiden, on the other hand, should only be out during her Burst time to regenerate Yae’s Burst back on every rotation.

Any Electro unit in Genshin Impact can have their damage greatly boosted with C6 Sara by their side. C0 Sara is a decent buffer too, but her buff has some limitations and conditions to be fulfilled. As for Kazuha, he will grant her more Electro DMG and decrease enemies' resistance to Electro. Additionally, he will crowd control (CC) them and pull them into one place. This team works perfectly to allow Yae Miko to use her abilities to the fullest.

Team Roles

  • Yae Miko: Sub-DPS
  • Kujou Sara: Sub-DPS, buffer
  • Raiden Shogun: Sub-DPS, buffer, battery
  • Kazuha: Crowd control, buffer, debuffer (with Viridescent Venerer)

3. Yae Miko + Tighnari + Sucrose + Baizhu

Genshin Impact Version 4.4 Best Team Compositions For Yae Miko

For the first two slots in the team, Tighnari can team up with Yae to create a powerful Electro/Dendro pair in Genshin Impact. Due to Tighnari’s dependency on Quicken and Spread reactions, it's mandatory to have a decent Electro enabler with him. Yae Miko's constant Electro application and large AoE synergize greatly with him. The Quicken debuff also allows her to deal Aggravate damage, increasing Yae Miko's personal DPS.

The last two slots can have good Supports like Sucrose and Baizhu. Apart from being a top-tier healer, Baizhu also has a great buff to Dendro reactions in Genshin Impact. Sucrose plays a major role in collecting enemies in one spot to maximize Tighnari’s Charged attacks and Spread reactions. Additionally, Sucrose carries a huge Elemental Mastery buff that is good for both Yae and Tighnari.

Team Roles

  • Yae Miko: Sub-DPS, Electro enabler
  • Tighnari: Main DPS, Dendro enabler
  • Sucrose: buffer, debuffer (with Viridescent Venerer)
  • Baizhu: Healer, buffer

2. Yae Miko + Nahida + Furina + Venti

Genshin Impact Version 4.4 Best Team Compositions For Yae Miko3

This Archon/Yae Hyperbloom team in Genshin Impact mostly works against large numbers of enemies that can be controlled by Venti’s Elemental Burst. As one of the best CCs in the game, Venti fits in any team comp where his teammates hit enemies in an AoE. Both Yae Miko's Skill and Burst hits in a small AoE, so Venti's assistance can be significant. Other than that, Venti with Viridescent Venerer will reduce the enemy's Electro RES, Elegy for the End can buff the entire team, and finally, the Anemo Archon can be a Battery for Yae Miko if his ultimate absorbs Electro. Once his Wind Vortex ends, Venti will refund 15 Energy to Electro characters.

As for the Dendro Archon, Nahida will link enemies and continuously trigger Dendro on them each time an Elemental reaction occurs. Since Yae Miko continuously deals Electro DMG, she can easily ensure that Elemental reactions always trigger on linked enemies. On top of that, Nahida also grants a large Elemental Mastery boost to the active character, up to a whopping 250. Finally, the pretend Archon, Furina, can insanely buff everyone's damage in the team while providing occasional Hydro applications for Hyperbloom. If you want to focus more on the Hyperbloom side of this team, you can try and ensure Venti absorbs Hydro with his Vortex instead of Electro.

Team Roles

  • Yae Miko: Sub-DPS, Electro enabler
  • Nahida: Sub-DPS, Dendro enabler, buffer
  • Furina: Sub-DPS, Hydro enabler, buffer, healer
  • Venti: Crowd control, debuffer (with Viridescent Venerer)

1. Yae Miko + Eula + Zhongli + Albedo

Genshin Impact Version 4.4 Best Team Compositions For Yae Miko4

Eula is a Physical Main DPS, so she needs a team that revolves around her. The first unit she always needs is an Electro character. Electro assists her in triggering Superconduct, which results in more Physical damage on the battlefield. Since Yae Miko plays the Sub-DPS role well, both Eula and Yae Miko can easily be paired together.

Now that Superconduct is easy to trigger, having two Geo units in Genshin Impact helps improve Eula’s performance through the Geo Resonance’s passive, which increases her damage by 15% when shielded. Zhongli will also debuff enemies’ Physical resistance while Albedo and Yae will synergize to create strong off-field Electro and Geo damage.

Team Roles

  • Yae Miko: Sub-DPS, Electro enabler
  • Eula: Main DPS, Cryo enabler
  • Zhongli: Shielder, debuffer, buffer (with Tenacity of the Millelith)
  • Albedo: Sub-DPS, Geo enabler, buffer (with Noblesse Oblige)

Edited By Nahda Nabiilah

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