How Pity Works in Genshin Impact: Limited, Standard, and Weapons Banner Guide

Genshin Impact is one of the most popular gacha games in the world. It has many playable characters of different rarities that can be pulled from the summoning system called Wish using the premium in-game currencies Primogems, Intertwined Fates, and Acquaint Fates. In addition, there are three different kinds of banners, each featuring event-limited characters, weapons, and permanent units.

Fortunately, Genshin Impact also has a pity system that guarantees at least one 5-star item in a certain number of pulls. That said, many players get confused when they start playing this game and have no clue how pity works. This Genshin Impact guide will review all three banner types and explain their summoning system.

How does pity work in Genshin Impact banners?

Character Event Wish

The Character Event Wish in Genshin Impact updates every three weeks and features a new limited character. In this type of banner, the pity system guarantees at least one 5-star unit every 90 pulls. However, when a player pulls on the Event Wish for the first time, there is only a 50% chance they will get the featured unit. This is unofficially called 50-50.

If a player doesn't get the featured 5-star character, it means they lost 50-50, but that also guarantees their next 5-star character to be the featured one. On the other hand, if they win 50-50, the 50% probability will be carried on to the next 5-star summon, and so on. Therefore, a player might need to pull at least 180 times to get a guaranteed limited 5-star character from a Character Event Wish.

Epitome Invocation Wish

Each Epitome Invocation Wish features two 5-star weapons. The pity system for this banner guarantees one 5-star summoning in just 80 pulls, but there is a catch here. The chance of getting the desired item is only one in three, meaning a player may have to pull a 5-star at least three times to get the desired weapon.

Unlike the Character Event banner, there is no 50% probability of getting the desired weapon on the Epitome Invocation banner. Instead, there is a different mechanic at work called the Epitomized Path. In this system, Genshin Impact players must select one of the two featured 5-star weapons they wish to pull, and they will be rewarded with one Fate Point each time they fail to pull the selected weapon.

Upon getting two Fate Points, a player is guaranteed to get the selected item on their third attempt. Thus, to get a 5-star weapon of their wish, one might need to pull at least 240 times on Epitome Invocation. Do note that the Fate Points get reset each time the banner updates, which means every new banner will have a one-in-three probability.

Wanderlust Invocation Wish

The Wanderlust Invocation Wish in Genshin Impact is also called the Standard banner, with a fixed set of characters and weapons of all rarities. The pity system on this banner also guarantees a player at least one 5-star item every 90 pulls, but there is no mechanic that guarantees a player will get a specific item of their choice.

However, the gacha ensures that if one pulls a 5-star weapon twice, the chance of the next 5-star to be a character will be significantly increased and vice versa.

Edited by Ritoban "Veloxi" Paul

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