How To Restore The Mural In The Cave: Genshin Impact Capturing Light and Shadow Guide

Capturing Light and Shadow quest guide (Image via HoYoverse)

In the new Genshin Impact event-limited region Veluriyam Mirage, there is a hidden World Quest called Capturing Light and Shadow. The quest is pretty short and simple, and travelers can obtain 40 Primogems and one Luxurious Chest. The objective of this Genshin Impact quest is to find three Hydro Eidolons to unseal all the Streaming Projectors and restore the mural.

Luckily, travelers can also collect a couple of Common and Exquisite Chests along the way. This article will guide Genshin Impact players in completing the Capturing Light and Shadow World Quest in the Veruliyam Mirage event region.

Quest location

Route to the quest location (Image via HoYoverse)

Go to the Choo-Choo Cart station south of Overgrown Valley and board the Amber line. Follow the route shown in the above Genshin Impact Interactive Map. The Choo-Choo Cart will take you to the Capturing Light and Shadow World Quest location inside a big cave. Once there, the quest will trigger automatically, and the screen will focus on the mural on the other end of the cave.

Head down to the water, and you will find a Hydro Eidolon/Water ball. It will take you to a Common Chest and interactable diary. Read it, follow the Eidolon again, and board the Choo-Choo Cart. After reaching the destination, the Eidolon will unseal the first Streaming Projector, triggering the next part of this Genshin Impact quest, which is to find three more Eidolons and unseal the remaining Projectors.

First Hydro Eidolon/Water Ball

Enter the hole (Image via HoYoverse)

To unseal the projectors, you must find three Eidolons hidden inside the cave. The first one can be found in the giant hole shown in the above image. As soon as you enter the hole, you will find the Hydro Eidolon being ambushed by three Hilichurls. Now, all you need to do is to follow the Water Ball to its destination and clear all the obstructions along the way.

Second Hydro Eidolon/Water Ball

Enter the ruins and take a sharp left turn (Image via HoYoverse)

For the second Water Ball, enter the ruins shown in the image above and take a sharp left turn. Follow the path, and you will find a Hydro Eidolon trapped behind three fire torches. Use Cryo or Hydro to extinguish them, and read the diary nearby. Now follow the Eidolon once again.

Eventually, you will reach a closed gate, but the Water Ball will disappear and reappear on the other side. To get there, use the four-leaf sigil over your head and once again extinguish the fire torches blocking the Eidolon's way. Finally, it will take you to another Choo-Choo Cart; board it to unseal the Streaming Projector.

Third Hydro Eidolon/Water Ball

This is the last location (Image via HoYoverse)

For the final one, head to the entrance shown in the above image located on the opposite side of the mural, where you will find a Hydro Eidolon and a Chest. Follow the entity, and you will reach a room with three Hydro Totem Poles. Activate the two monuments and interact with Eidolon to light up the final one. Follow the Water Ball once again.

Activate the Totem monuments (Image via HoYoverse)

This time you will find three Totems of different elements. Ask the Eidolon to activate the Hydro monument, and you activate the other two to lower the water level and get to the other side. Clear the mobs and board the Choo-Choo Cart and unseal the last Projector to enter the final part of this Genshin Impact quest.

Solve the mural puzzle and restore it

Before restoring the mural (Image via HoYoverse)

After solving the mural puzzle (Image via HoYoverse)

Solving the mural puzzle is simple. Interact with the Streaming Projector to enter it. All you need to do is grab all the glowing objects and place them in their respective places. You can see the before and after images of the mural above. Upon solving the puzzle, a Luxurious Chest worth 10 Primogems and one Joyeux Voucher will spawn. Completing this Genshin Impact World Quest will also reward you with another 40 Primogems.

Edited by Ritoban "Veloxi" Paul

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