TOP 5 Best F2P Teams Comp in Genshin Impact - Personal Opinion

There are many characters in Genshin Impact who can obtain by spending Primogem or for free. If you don't want to spend money and try to maximize the full potential of using Free to play characters, you come to the right place.

Even though they are free characters but they can be really good if you use them with a good combination with other characters. Here are 5 Team setups to get a good team by using just 4 stars characters.

Best F2P Early Game Team Build

Best Genshin Impact Early Team Build - zilliongamer

These characters will be given in the early game, you can use them to explore and grind. By setting up these characters in a team, they made an All-round team that can carry you in the early game.

  • Team Breakdown
    • Amber with a long-range ATK will make it easier to complete the quest.
    • Kaeya will be a good DPS with Lisa's elemental burst DMG to create Super Conduct.
    • Traveller Elemental can be changed.

Best F2P Survival Team Build

Best F2P Genshin Impact Shield Team Build - zilliongamer

This team focuses on surviving a big DMG taking from the boss and outputting a great amount of DMG to enemies.

  • Team Breakdown
    • Chongyun and Xingqiu are a great combination to make enemies freeze with their skill or ATK
    • Thoma create a shield that can trigger with Freeze to create a melt reaction to get additional DMG
    • Beidou can utilize both freeze and pyro to create super conduct or overload and she has a shield that can absorb DMG to boost her DMG.

Best F2P DMG Team Build

Best F2P Genshin Impact DPS Team Build - zilliongamer

One of the best F2P DPS Ningguang, who can output an insane amount of Geo DMG from her burst. This team focuses on buffing and maximizing Ningguang DMG.

  • Team Breakdown
    • 3 Supporter with healing abilities so you don't need to worry about healing
    • Xingqiu and Diona can create freezing to create additional DMG reactions.
    • Bennett can boost her ATK to deal even more DMG

Best F2P Melt Team Build 

Best F2P Genshin Impact Melt Team Build - zilliongamer

This team focuses on dealing with DMG from Melt reaction by having characters freeze enemies and using Pyro to trigger Melt reaction.

  • Team Breakdown
    • Deal a pretty good amount of DMG from Melt reaction
    • Healing from Bennett and Xingqiu to keep the team alive during combat
    • Chongyun and Xingqiu are a great combination to make enemies freeze with their skill or ATK
    • Using Xiangling with Bennett buff will cause a lot of elemental reaction DMG.

Best F2P Super Conduct Team

Best F2P Genshin Impact Super Conduct Team Build - zilliongamer

As Beidou is a great DPS that outputs a great amount of DMG, this team will build around her to maximize her DMG.

  • Team Breakdown
    • Fischl's skill can recharge energy for both Diona and Sucrose to cast more skill
    • Additional Shield and Heal from Diona to make the team survive in combat
    • Sucrose can do crowd control to group up enemies and lower elemental resistance which is great for Beidou to cast her ultimate to deal more DMG.

In Conclusion

These F2P characters are a great option if you don't have 5 stars characters and you want a decent team to build or recommend to newbie players this will be useful for you.

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