Best Genshin Impact Chiori Build: Artifact, Weapon, Talents, Team Comps

Best Chiori build (Image via HoYoverse)

Chiori,a new 5-star Geo character who uses a Sword as her weapon, has finally been released in Genshin Impact 4.5.While she can be used as a main DPS unit,she is most suited in a Sub-DPS role thanks to her Tamoto automaton doll,which can consistently deal off-field Geo DMG. That said,she relies on other units to create a Geo Construct to reach her maximum damage potential at C0. This article will help you build the best Chiori in Genshin Impact.

This will include her best artifacts,weapons,team comps,and more.

Best artifacts for Chiori in Genshin Impact

1) Husk of Opulent Dreams

Husk of Opulent Dreams (Image via HoYoverse)

Husk of Opulent Dreams is Chiori's best artifact for a main DPS role in
Genshin Impact since she benefits more from DEF.This set provides a 30%DEF from its 2-piece bonus,and the 4-piece set provides an additional 24%DEF and Geo DMG bonuses.
Here are the recommended artifact stats:

Sands DEF%
Goblet Geo DMG Bonus or DEF%
Circlet CRIT Rate/DMG
Sub-stats DEF%, CRIT Rate/DMG, ATK%


2) Golden Troupe

Golden Troupe (Image via HoYoverse)

Golden Troupe is the best artifact for Chiori in a Sub-DPS role since this set increases the user's Elemental Skill DMG bonus by an insane amount.Since Chiori's primary source of damage is her Elemental Skill, using this set can greatly boost her off-field damage.

Sands DEF%
Goblet Geo DMG Bonus or DEF%
Circlet CRIT Rate/DMG
Sub-stats DEF%, CRIT Rate/DMG, ATK%


3) 2pc Husk of Opulent Dreams + 2pc Golden Troupe

Combination set (Image via HoYoverse)

A 2pc+2pc combination of Husk of Opulent Dreams and Golden Troupe is also a viable option for Chiori since it will give her both DEF and Geo
DMG bonuses.
Chiori's best artifact stats are:

Sands DEF%
Goblet Geo DMG Bonus or DEF%
Circlet CRIT Rate/DMG
Sub-stats DEF%, CRIT Rate/DMG, ATK%


Best weapons for Chiori in Genshin Impact

1) Uraku Misguri

Uraku Misugiri (Image via HoYoverse)

Uraku Misugiri is Chiori's signature weapon and her best in the slot as well.This Sword has a massive 88.2%CRIT DMG stat,and its passive provides a ton of Normal Attack and Elemental Skill DMG bonuses.

2) Mistsplitter Reforged

Mistsplitter Reforged (Image via HoYoverse)

Mistsplitter Reforged can be a good weapon option for Chiori as a main DPS unit since it also provides a good amount of CRIT DMG bonus from its second stat.Additionally,the Sword's passive increases the user's Elemental DMG bonus.

3) Cinnabar Spindle

Cinnabar Spindle (Image via HoYoverse)

Cinnabar Spindle is one of Chiori's best 4-star weapon options in
Genshin Impact.The Sword can increase her Elemental Skill DMG based on her DEF,making it an amazing option for her off-field gameplay.
Unfortunately,Cinnabar Spindle is an old event weapon,so it won't be accessible to everyone.

4) Wolf-Fang

Wolf-Fang (Image via HoYoverse)

Wolf-Fang is a Battle Pass weapon in Genshin Impact and is a decent option for Chiori as an on-field unit.The Sword provides a lot of CRIT Rate from its second stat,and the passive increases the Elemental Skill and Burst DMG and CRIT Rate bonuses.

5) Harbinger of Dawn

Harbinger of Dawn (Image via HoYoverse)

Harbinger of Dawn is a 3-star weapon in Genshin Impact.It provides CRIT DMG from the second stat and an additional CRIT Rate bonus from its passive,making it a good alternative for Chiori if you don't have any better options.

Talent priorities for Chiori in Genshin Impact

Chiori's talent priorities (Image via HoYoverse)

Level up Chiori's talents in the following order:

Elemental Skill > Elemental Burst > Normal Attack
Chiori's Elemental Skill must be your key priority since it is the main source of her damage,regardless of whether you use her as an off- field or on-field unit.You can level up her Elemental Burst next,followed by her Normal Attacks only if you want to use her as an on-field unit.

Best team comps for Chiori in Genshin Impact

1) Chiori + Itto + Gorou + Zhongli

Mono Geo team (Image via HoYoverse)

This Mono Geo team with Itto,Zhongli,and Gorou will be Chiori's best team comp.She works similarly to Albedo to provide off-field damage and act as a battery for the main DPS unit,One and Oni. Meanwhile, Gorou provides Geo and DEF bonuses to Itto and Chiori,while Zhongli provides shield and resistance shred.

2) Chiori + Ningguang + Gorou + Albedo

Alternate option for mono Geo (Image via HoYoverse)

Here's another Mono Geo team with slightly more accessible units in the game. You can also use Ningguang or Noelle as a main DPS unit if you don't have Itto.Additionally,Albedo is a great unit to pair with Chiori since he can summon a flower,which counts as a Geo Construct,and consistently deal off-field damage, making him a more offensive substitute for Zhongli.

3) Chiori + Navia + Xiangling + Bennett

Double Geo with Navia (Image via HoYoverse)

If you have C1 Chiori,you can pair her with Navia in a double Geo team with two flex slots.The latter will be the main DPS unit,and the former will act as a battery while dealing with a ton of off-field damage.

Bennett and Xiangling can be great flex slot units since they can unlock Pyro Resonance for extra ATK.Additionally,the former can buff the team's ATK,and the latter can consistently deal off-field damage.

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