Genshin Impact Eula Build Guide in Version 3.8 Rerun: Weapons, Artifacts, Teams and More

Eula is a very powerful choice (Image via Genshin Impact)

Eula is a Cryo Claymore user that will rerun in update 3.8. A lot of time has passed since Eula’s release, but Eula remains a powerful hyper carry for physical damage.

There aren’t many physical damage Main DPS characters in the game, and Eula is the premier unit for physical damage.

In this article, I’ll be going over everything you need to know about character, including her playstyle, best artifacts, weapons, teams, and more.

Active Talents

Normal Attack – Favonius Bladework – Edel

Being a Physical Damage Claymore user, Eula’s physical attacks are actually quite decent. It’s nothing game breaking, but a solid foundation for her DPS.

Elemental Skill – Icetide Vortex

Eula’s skill is a simple Cryo damage swing, but it also has good utility built into it. Tapping E builds up stacks that you can use by Holding E to gain a damage buff.

At 2 stacks, Eula will gain a Physical and Cryo RES reduction on enemies. This is one of the best ways to scale damage, and compensates for the lack of reaction damage that Physical damage lacks.

Elemental Burst – Glacial Illumination

Eula’s burst is an extremely powerful damage explosion. Once activated, you are given time to generate as many stacks as possible with attacks, skills, and bursts. This results in a large Physical AoE damage explosion. Basically, after casting your burst, try to deal as many instances of damage as fast as possible. Make sure not to miss your Burst explosion either, or else you’ll lose out on a lot of damage.

Character Talent Priority

Here’s a quick talent priority for Eula. 

Elemental Burst > Normal Attack >>> Elemental Skill

It’s not surprising that you should prioritize Eula’s Burst. It’s a major part of her total DPS. After that, her Normal Attack is a great investment for consistent damage as you will be attacking a lot. Lastly, Eula’s skill doesn’t provide too much to her overall damage, so you can leave it under leveled (6) or prioritize it last.

Character Best Combos

Eula Combo: E > Q > NA4 > Hold E > NA4

This will be Eula’s bread and butter combo. This should result in 14 stacks for Eula’s Burst and will result in big damage number. Eula’s 4th ascension will make it so you have 2 stacks upon using Hold E, making this rotation perfect.

Eula Attack Combo: NA4

When you’re just using basic attacks between rotations or on small enemies, NA4 is the way to go. The 5th attack in Eula’s attack chain has a VERY long animation, so skip it.

After NA4, you can simply dash, jump, use a skill, or burst to cancel part of the last animation.

Passive Talents

Ascension Stat

As you ascend Eula, she will gain Crit DMG.

1st Ascension

Roiling Rime: If 2 stacks of Grimheart are consumed upon unleashing the Holding Mode of Icetide Vortex, a Shattered Lightfall Sword will be created that will explode immediately, dealing 50% of the basic Physical DMG dealt by a Lightfall Sword created by Glacial Illumination.

This is a nice bonus damage ascension, and it also helps you gain stacks during your Burst rotation.

4th Ascension

Wellspring of War-Lust: When Glacial Illumination is cast, the CD of Icetide Vortex is reset and Eula gains 1 stack of Grimheart.

This Ascension is important for doing Eula’s best rotation. This allows Eula to easily gain 2 stacks of Grimheart before the burst damage.

Utility Passive

Aristocratic Introspection: When Eula crafts Character Talent Materials, she has a 10% chance to receive double the product.


Genshin Impact Eula Full Wish

Eula, as with many 5-star characters, is perfect usable without any constellations. However, if you absolutely love the playstyle or want to have Eula be as strong as possible, some constellations are great. Be sure to be responsible with any spending and take time to make any decisions.

  • C1: Medium Impact
  • C2: Low Impact
  • C3: Medium Impact
  • C4: Low Impact
  • C5: Low Impact
  • C6: High Impact

Some of Eula’s constellation add some decent damage, but some are also not very useful. Her last constellation, however, is a huge damage increase for her burst. Getting to C6 is a very hefty investment, though.

Constellation 1: Tidal Illusion

Every time Icetide Vortex’s Grimheart stacks are consumed, Eula’s Physical DMG is increased by 30% for 6s.
Each stack consumed will increase the duration of this effect by 6s up to a maximum of 18s.

Constellation 2: Lady of Seafoam

Decreases the CD of Icetide Vortex’s Holding Mode, rendering it identical to Tapping CD.

Constellation 3: Lawrence Pedigree

Increases the Level of Glacial Illumination by 3.
Maximum upgrade level is 15.

Constellation 4: The Obstinacy of One’s Inferiors

Lightfall Swords deal 25% increased DMG against opponents with less than 50% HP.

Constellation 5: Chivalric Quality

Increases the Level of Icetide Vortex by 3.
Maximum upgrade level is 15.

Constellation 6: Noble Obligation

Lightfall Swords created by Glacial Illumination start with 5 stacks of energy. Normal Attacks, Elemental Skills, and Elemental Bursts have a 50% chance to grant the Lightning Sword an additional stack of energy.


Like a lot of 5-star characters, Eula’s playstyle revolves around her Burst. Eula is specifically a physical damage carry with an extremely powerful nuke ability.

If you like swinging a big sword and dealing high damage numbers, Eula is a great pick. However, physical damage is not for everyone. It will struggle against things like elemental shields, and will be worse against enemies with high Physical RES.

Eula is also somewhat limited in her uses. She excels at one particular thing, and if that thing is for you, you should try to wish for Eula.


Pale Flame (4)

Genshin Impact Pale Flame

This artifact set is tailor made for Eula and the 4-piece set is her best set. Physical damage 2 piece is obviously great for Eula, and the 4-piece bonus is easily triggered by Eula’s rotation. If you want the strongest Eula, farm this set.

Bloodstained Chivalry

The second best option after Pale Flame (4), is to use Pale Flame (2) and Bloodstained Chivalry (2). This basically results in a 50% Physical damage set, which is almost on par with Pale Flame (4). If you have good substats on Bloodstained pieces, simply go with this combination until you can farm a strong 4 piece Pale Flame.

Mix and Match

Lastly, these options won’t be as strong as the above two, but if you have extra pieces lying around that you want to put to use, go ahead with some of these combinations.

  • Pale Flame (2) / Bloodstained Chivalry (2) +
  • Gladiator’s Finale (2) / Shimenawa’s Reminiscence (2) / Emblem of Severed Fate (2)

Gladiator’s and Shimenawa’s 2 piece both give ATK, which is a good stat for Eula. Emblem of Severed Fate is an option if you are unable to use Eula’s burst off cooldown.

Main Stats

Here’s a rundown of Eula’s main stats.

  • Circlet: Crit Rate / Crit DMG
  • Sands: ATK%
  • Goblet: Physical DMG

As with most characters, a crit Circlet is ideal. Try to balance your Crit Rate and Crit DMG with a 1:2 ratio. However, if you want to simply hit the biggest number possible, go with Crit DMG.

As for Sands, ATK% is the clear choice. Lastly, a Physical DMG Goblet is also the clear choice as Eula is a Physical DMG carry.

Sub Stats

Here’s the order of sub stats to prioritize:

  1. Crit Rate / DMG
  2. Energy Recharge (up until target)
  3. ATK%

Crit is king in terms of damage, so there’s no surprises there. After that, we recommend getting ER until you can comfortably burst off cooldown. And lastly, you will want more ATK% as your last substat priority.

Energy Recharge: 120-150%

The amount of Energy Recharge you need is definitely dependent on your team. Depending on what Cryo supports you use, you will be able to generate more or less energy for Eula. If you want to play it safe, simply aim for close to 150% to comfortably burst off cooldown with most team setups.


5-Star Weapons

Song of Broken Pines

This is Eula’s signature weapon and is definitely the best choice for a weapon. It has high base ATK, Physical DMG substat, and an ATK% passive. Everything about this weapon is good for Eula.

Wolf’s Gravestone

This Claymore is simply a very strong option for any Claymore user. It’s a generalist 5-star weapon, and performs just below Song of Broken Pines. If you activate the passive, this weapon can even out damage Song of Broken Pines, but it’s not a reliable source of damage increase.

Skyward Pride

This weapon is simply an option as a 5-star stat stick with Energy Recharge. If you need Energy Recharge, this weapon can be a solid option. If you have too much Energy Recharge, however, the value of this weapon drops significantly.

4-Star Weapons

Serpent’s Spine

This is a weapon you obtain from the Battle Pass and is simply the best 4-star weapon option. It’s not something you can get without spending money, but if you already purchase the Battle Pass, make sure to pick up this weapon.

Luxurious Sea Lord

This is an event weapon that is the best F2P option for Eula. However, if you don’t already have this weapon, you’re out of luck.


This is a weapon that you can obtain from wishes, and is a very strong option on Eula. The performance of this weapon depends on how you build your team. The higher the Energy cost on your team, the better this weapon is.

Snow-Tombed Starsilver

Lastly, this is the best F2P option if you don’t have Luxurious Sea Lord. It’s a craftable weapon, and will be a solid option. You will need to explore Dragonspine to find the recipe for this weapon.


Lastly for our guide, I’m going to go over how to build the best Eula teams.

Eula Team Template

Genshin Impact Eula Team Template

The basic Eula team consists of two main features:

  1. An Electro character that can apply off-field Electro in order to Superconduct
  2. Cryo characters to generate energy for Eula

You are sometimes able to only use 1 Cryo character and leave your 4th slot as a flexible slot. This is if you have really high Energy Recharge or other characters that can provide energy.

Electro Characters


Fischl is an easy option to use as a 4-star character that is fairly accessible. She provides easy off-field Electro with her E, and is a great pair to Eula.


Raiden is another option for an off-field Electro character. Raiden’s E allows Eula to proc Electro on her attacks, making her easy to use as well.

The main draw to using Raiden is for Raiden’s Burst. This allows you to regain energy for Eula, lowering her Energy Recharge requirements. This means you can often run a 4th character as a flexible buffer or support instead of a Cryo character.

You can still run 2 more Cryo units alongside Eula and Raiden and have a comfortable rotation as well.

Cryo Characters

Eula Cryo Batteries


The perfect Cryo battery for Eula is Diona. She provides great energy with her E, can hold items such as Sacrificial Bow, and she also provides a shield. Shields are great for Eula to prevent interruption from enemies, which can lower your combo damage.


Another great Cryo battery is Rosaria. While Diona is defensive oriented, Rosaria will be an offensive battery. She will provide a Crit buff with her Ascension, and has a decent amount of damage on her Burst.

Many teams can look to use Rosaria and Diona together for two strong batteries with different capabilities.


If you don’t have Rosaria or Diona, you can look to use Kaeya as your free option. He is slightly less favored than Rosaria as an offensive battery, but he can still get the job done.


This is the expensive battery option for Eula. Shenhe is by no means necessary, and can even be outperformed by a Rosaria with high constellations. If you’re a whale, having a C2 Shenhe makes her the best offensive support for Eula.

Other Supports

If you are running a team with Raiden, or have insane Energy Recharge for some reason, here are some example supports you can run in your 4th team slot.


Even though Bennett is an amazing support, Eula doesn’t really need Bennett to do well. He will help, but he is better off used in other teams.


The shield provided from Zhongli will provide maximum comfort while playing, and he also provides a resistance shred.


Lisa is specifically an option to pair alongside Raiden. The thing about Lisa is you can simply put Noblesse Oblige and TTDS on her to further buff up Eula.

Example Teams

With all of that in mind, here are two example teams you can run with Eula.

Genshin Impact Eula F2P Team

Genshin Impact Eula Whale Team


Genshin Impact Eula Stained Glass

This wraps up just about everything you need to know to play and build Ayaka. There are definitely other details or things you can learn. This guide is simply meant to cover the essentials.

Eula is the premier Physical Damage carry in Genshin Impact, and has a fun and unique playstyle to her.

Hopefully this guide will help you improve your Eula gameplay, or convince you to wish for Eula in 3.8 rerun.

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