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[OFFICIAL] Genshin Impact Character Amulet

[OFFICIAL] Genshin Impact Character Amulet

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Genshin Impact Character Amulet

Some styles (Venti, Albedo, Barbara, Klee, Razor, Eula) are pre-sale products, expected to ship in Feb 2024.

Item Name: Genshin Impact Character Amulet

Size: Around 45x61mm

Material: 100% Polyester

Blessings Explanation:

  1. Zhongli - 财运亨通 (Wishing You Prosperity)
  2. Xiao - 美梦得偿 (What Dreams May Come)
  3. Keqing - 劳逸结合 (Alternate Work with Rest )
  4. Ganyu - 事业顺利 (Smooth Career)
  5. Xiangling - 吃喝不愁 (Enough to Live On for Life)
  6. Xingqiu - 学业有成 ( Academic Success)
  7. Venti - 时岁顺风 (Plain Sailing)
  8. Albedo - 金运常伴 ( Good Luck Always Accompanies)
  9. Barbara - 星途闪耀 (Have a Bright Future)
  10. Klee - 无忧无虑 ( No Worries)
  11. Razor - 阖家安乐 (Whole Family Peace and Good Health)
  12. Eula - 心清气爽 (Refreshed and Enjoy of Mind)

Item Display

Genshin Impact Character Amulet

(Tips: Each amulet comes with a clear protective case.)

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Genshin Impact Character Amulet

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  • It is recommended to use this product only as a pendant, decorations, collectibles and other product purposes.

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