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[OFFICIAL] Ganyu Impression Apparel Series - Folding Fan

[OFFICIAL] Ganyu Impression Apparel Series - Folding Fan

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Genshin Impact Official Ganyu Impression Apparel Series Folding Fan

Genshin Impact Official Ganyu Impression Apparel Series - Folding Fan

(Pre-sale product, expected to ship in April 2024.)

The annual Lantern Rite is here again, and we return to Liyue again to spend a lively and wonderful time together. During this period, the new looks of Ganyu and Shenhe were amazing beauty, so the official also launched the new Ganyu Impression series of apparel at the same time.

The whole series of ganyu impression apparel including Knitted Cardigan, Half Turtleneck Sweater, Jeans, Necklace, Satchel, Double-Shoulders Crossbody Bag, Folding Fan and Metal Bookmark. (Click Here to View Whole Ganyu Apparel Series Collection)


Material: Silk, rice paper, bamboo

Size: About 35 x 20CM (expanded size)

Genshin Impact Official Ganyu Impression Apparel Series Folding Fan

▲ Recommended Combination

Knitted Cardigan + Jeans + Folding Fan + Satchel

Model Shows

Genshin Impact Official Ganyu Impression Apparel Series Folding Fan

▲ The silhouette of the unicorn is made by silver printing craftsmanship, giving it the appearance of descending into the world against the light.

Genshin Impact Official Ganyu Impression Apparel Series Folding Fan

▲ Auspicious clouds and birds are made by golden printing craftsmanship, with the auspiciousness of the Liyue.

▼ Hanging spikes with color-blocking beads for visual enrichment.

Genshin Impact Official Ganyu Impression Apparel Series Folding Fan

Display and Care Instructions

Genshin Impact Official Ganyu Impression Apparel Series Folding Fan

Affected by scene lighting, photography equipment, shooting angles and display equipment, there may be certain differences between the products shown in the pictures and the actual items. Please refer to the actual product for specific effects.

Care Instructions:

  • Do not open or close it violently.
  • Do not play with the folding fan with dust, oil and sweat hands, and do not use the folding fan as a weapon, remember not to split smash point poke.
  • Please keep the product in a suitable temperature environment, bamboo material will be deformed by heat, need to do a good job in the sun, moisture, moth-proof.
  • If the fan surface is stained, please use a cotton cloth dipped in water to wipe, dry.
  • Please place it in a place where children can not reach to avoid accidents.

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