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[OFFICIAL] Honkai: Star Rail Kafka RGB Backlit Mechanical Keyboard

[OFFICIAL] Honkai: Star Rail Kafka RGB Backlit Mechanical Keyboard

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Honkai: Star Rail Kafka RGB Backlit Mechanical Keyboard

Honkai: Star Rail Kafka RGB Backlit Mechanical Keyboard


  • 108-Key:  440 x 136.60 x 43.66mm
  • 87-Key:  363.8 x 136.6 x 43.66mm

Keycap: PBT

Keycap Craft: 5-Sided Sublimation

Frame: ABS

Feet: 2 Stages

Backlit: 16 Milloin Customizable RGB Colors

Battery Capacity: 8000 mAh

Keyswitch Seat: Kailh

Keyswitch Option: Crystal Burgundy Red Switch, Autumn Brown Switch

Connection: Bluetooth 5.0 / 2.4G wireless / Type-C

System Support: Windows / MacOS / Linux / Android


  1. Keyboard
  2. USB-A to USB-C data cable
  3. User Manual (three templates)
  4. Warranty Certificate
  5. 2.4G Receiver
  6. Keycap Puller
  7. 5 switches of the same type as the keyboard
  8. Dust Cover
        Honkai: Star Rail Kafka RGB Backlit Mechanical Keyboard2

        87-Key Compact Keyboard Layout: Saves more desktop space

        Honkai: Star Rail Kafka RGB Backlit Mechanical Keyboard3

        Themed Keycaps

        Comes with Kafka-themed keycaps with RGB backlight

        Special Keycaps for ESC key: Laser-engraved translucent keycaps

        Note: the lighting effect on the following picture is for your reference only. Please refer to the final product or video demo for the actual effect.

        Honkai: Star Rail Kafka RGB Backlit Mechanical Keyboard

        ▲ All keycaps are divided into 4 categories according on height (R1-R4)

        Additional Keycaps x 5: When replacing keycaps, they must be matched according to category.

        Incorrect replacement may cause damage to the keycaps and switches!

        Keyswitch Options

        Honkai: Star Rail Kafka RGB Backlit Mechanical Keyboard

        Crystal Burgundy Red Switch

        • Type: Linear
        • Operating Force: 37±10gf
        • Pre-travel Distance: 1.3±0.5mm
        • Total Travel Distance: 3.4±0.4mm
        • Lifespan: 50M Keystrokes
        • Characteristic: “hifi” Sound, Smooth Handfeel

        Autumn Scenery Switch

        • Type: Paragraph
        • Operating Force: 50±150gf
        • Pre-travel Distance: 1.8±0.4mm
        • Total Travel Distance: 3.6±0.3mm
        • Lifespan: 80M Keystrokes
        • Characteristic: Distinct Tactile Feedback, Ethereal/Natural Sound

        Connection Method

        Honkai: Star Rail Kafka RGB Backlit Mechanical Keyboard

        Wireless three-mode connection
        Bluetooth 5.0 / Wireless 2.4G / Type-C three connection modes support multiple systems to meet the needs of different scenarios.

        QUICK START:

        1. Take out the receiver from the storage slot on the right side
        2. Plug the receiver into the USB port of your computer
        3. Pull the mode switch on the left to 2.4G mode


        1. Pull the mode switch on the left to Bluetooth mode
        2. Long press Fn + number key 1, 2 or 3 to start pairing, the long indicator light flashes quickly during pairing
        3. Supports pairing with up to 3 devices. Press Fn + number keys 1,2or 3 to switch devices.


        1. Insert the Typc-C cable into the keyboard port
        2. Connect the cable to the computer
        3. Move the mode Switch on the left to the middle


        WIN: Unable to use when Win key is locked, Option key in MAC mode

        ALT: Command key in MAC mode

        Switch between windows and MAC mode:

        Fn + ASwitch to Windows mode

        Fn + SSwitch to MAC mode

        Backlit Mode

        Honkai: Star Rail Kafka RGB Backlit Mechanical Keyboard

        16 Million Adjustable RGB Colors
        Rich light effects, lower light position design suitable for more keycaps.



        Press Fn + Ins to call up the Custom backlight, which only supports a set of Custom memory lights.


        1. Press Fn + Ins to switch to Custom lighting mode: Press Fn + ~ to start editing the lighting, and enter the editing state when the backlight is completely off.

        2. Press the key to be defined, and the color of the keyboard light will change every time you press it. After editing is completed, press Fn + ~ again to save the edited light.

        Battery Capacity

        Honkai: Star Rail Kafka RGB Backlit Mechanical Keyboard

        8000mAh Super Long Battery Life

        All keys have no rollover, 1000Hz high return rate, paired with a large 8000mAh battery, and support SMART SPEED low-latency technology, bringing an e-sports-level low-latency experience.

        Hot-Swappable Base

        Honkai: Star Rail Kafka RGB Backlit Mechanical Keyboard

        All-Key Hot-Swappable Base

        It supports hot-swappable mechanical shafts, making it easy for users to replace the shafts and adapt to most shafts on the market to create your own exclusive equipment.


        Q: Why doesn't my Win key work?
        A: When the Win key is locked after pressing the Fn+Win key, the Win key cannot be triggered and used. At this time, the Win indicator light on the keyboard is on, and it can be unlocked by pressing Fn+Win again.
        Q: Why are my Win key and Alt key reversed and F1-F12 not responding or turning into function keys?
        A: After pressing Fn+S, the keyboard will switch to MAC mode. At this time, under the Windows system, the Win key and Alt key will be reversed, and Fn+F1-F12 will become function keys; press Fn+A to switch Return to Windows mode.

        Honkai: Star Rail Kafka RGB Backlit Mechanical Keyboard


        • Please do not use alcohol to rub the UV-printed casing.
        • Mechanical keyboards are not waterproof or dustproof.
        • Key caps can be cleaned with detergent after taken off from the keyboard. Make sure they are all totally dry before installing them back in the keyboard.
        • Use brush to remove dust from the keyboard.
        • Do not expose it to strong sunlight and high heat for long term.

        30 Days Refund

        After you receive the item can be returned or exchanged within 30 days, for more details, please refer to the Refund Policy.


        More Shipping Details Please Refer to Shipping Policy.

        24/7 Customer Service Support

        If you have any questions and confusion, please contact us directly via live chat, or send mail to

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