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[OFFICIAL] Xiao Impression Apparel Series - Long Handle Umbrella

[OFFICIAL] Xiao Impression Apparel Series - Long Handle Umbrella

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Xiao Impression Apparel Series - Long Handle Umbrella

The entire series of clothing uses black and white as the main colors and blue as the auxiliary color to better express the attributes and personality of the characters. The style design of the clothing is based on elegance and agility, and the matching colors and accessories make the overall style more elegant and dignified.

The Xiao Apparel Series Collection Including Jacket, Shirt, Culottes, Pants, Satchel, Belt and Umbrella. (Click Here to Xiao Apparel Series Collection)

Specification: Around 585mm x 24 pcs ribs of umbrella

Texture: Umbrella and Cover: 100% Polyester (with vinyl sunscreen coating)

Rib of Umbrella: Fiber Glass

Pole of Umbrella: Black Steel Rod

Sunburn Protection: UPF40+

Size: around 109cm diameter when opened / around 93cm height /24 pcs ribs

Complimentary Gift – Xiao Impression Apparel Acrylic Stand Figure

Size – Character Part: around 6.7cm height / Base: around 3.5cm x 3.5cm / Accessories: around 5.5x1.2cm

Material: Acrylic 

Model Shows

Washing Maintenance Method:
No need to wash. The umbrella cloth is waterproof and UV resistant impermeable material, please try to dry it after using it in rainy days, so as not to condense water vapor impermeable, resulting in moisture and moldy umbrellas, which affects the aesthetics and sense of using experience.

When you use it, loosen the tie, please shake it slightly first to loosen the umbrella bone, so as not to have more umbrella bones and become tangled, resulting in damage to the skeleton. After use, please try to buckle up the strap, so as not to hook the umbrella bone to foreign objects and lead to damage.

Friendly Reminder:

  • Because the umbrella handle is a shaped product, not the traditional cylindrical. The shape is special, so there are individual smooth dots on the umbrella handle, which must be retained for the top of the injection molded product production, without these dots the product will not be able to complete the demolding out;
  • There are varying degrees of concave spots on the handle at the mold closing point. This is not a defect, due to the complexity of the production process of the umbrella handle, in order to achieve a better overall finished product, after the release of the mold here need to be manually sanded and sprayed, is an unavoidable situation that will arise during manual operation.


  1. Do not point the sharp part of the umbrella at others when using it, and make sure that the surrounding area is safe before using it.
  2. Please do not use the umbrella to do waving or throwing and other dangerous actions.
  3. Please dry the umbrella in time after use in rainy days to avoid acidic rainwater erosion on the surface of the umbrella.
  4. Strong wind is easy to cause damage to the umbrella, please pay attention to the use.
  5. Avoid contact with sharp objects to avoid damage.
  6. Avoid heavy objects squeezing when storing to prevent the product from being damaged and deformed.
  7. The protection provided by the product may be reduced by long-term use and under stretching or wet conditions.
  8. Before opening the umbrella, completely relax the umbrella surface before opening, do not use excessive force.

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